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Production Team Leader

Mô tả công việc

1. Production order:

  • Team leader should implement every production order on time and it should be closed within schedule with targeted quantity.
  • Control Work In Process (WIP) according to production plan

2. Productivity

  • Standard cycle time should be kept to achieve productivity target and shift leader should be involved into and cooperate for the activities of cycle time reduction.
  • Set-up time should be kept on target.

3. Quality.

  • Control and check the scrap rate of each machine & process daily basis and quality of products.

4. Daily machine’s check:

  • Check the daily machine checklist regularly and identify the current condition of production

5. Machine and production approval:

  • Team leader shall check the approval and the effectiveness of process approval data & record of first product

6. Personnel :

  • Team leader is in charge of checking attendance, Considering, evaluating and develop employees

7. Check cleanliness & order:

  • Give the relevant training to shift workers for cleanliness & order

Yêu cầu công việc

  • Level: Intermediate or upper,  Specialized: Mechanical
  • English: Intermediate level
  • Experience: Must have a minimum of 3 ~ 5 years experience in supervision.
  • Knowledge: mastering process, procedure, ISO standard and regulation of company, factory.


  • Must be able to read production drawing, technical specification, process technology
  • Undestanding and mastering principles of machinery and electrical equipment.
  • Guide and communicated to workers
  • Planning for production
  • Assign work, inspection and monitoring performance
  • Able to use word, excel


  • Coordinate well with colleagues
  • Working independently under high pressure at work.
  • Commnucating and persuading others
  • Create, maintain and develop relationships

Phúc lợi

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