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Giám đốc phát triển sản phẩm Bảo hiểm phi nhân thọ

  • Work location: Ha Noi

    Industry: Insurance

  • Level: Vice Director

    Deadline to apply: 31-08-2019

  • Salary: Negotiable

Job requirement

1. Partner Management

Engage with non-life partners to:

  • Draw up the contract, negotiate commissions, and other fees accrued to the bank, terms and conditions, definitions and clauses, all operational processes with the insurance companies, e.g., sales, renewals, claim process, deviation management, etc.
  • Ensure standardization in process and contracts across partners, esp. sales and operational processes
  • Manage the adherence to contract
    • Manage the premium and commission rates that the Bank receives through Bancassurance model to cross-sell insurance products
    • Manage product development and launch to address customer needs
    • Manage on-the-ground sales process, sales practices, and sales culture through performance management, and centralized marketing and sales activities
    • Manage operational processes, e.g., Claim management, renewals, customer reminders, renewals, Customer service, deviation management, customer poaching, etc.
    • Manage on-the-ground customer experience
    • Manage on-the-ground training and coaching required to improve frontline capabilities
    • Manage technological investments, partner system integration required to improve frontline productivity and customer experience
    • Manage payment process, reconciliation, and adherence to payment terms in the contract
  • Work with partners and internal stake holders to manage marketing and sales campaigns centrally

Co-ordinate with business partner to conduct initial and refresher trainings

2. Collaborating with other stakeholders

Legal, compliance and procurement

  • Work with central procurement, legal PFS, SND and BB to organize bidding and select insurance companies to partner
  • Regular checks to ensure adherence to contract


  • Sales and distribution model, e.g., product, how to approach customer, sales process, onboarding, after sales service, renewals, commission payments to central account
  • Execution of sales model, key challenges and therefor changes required, e.g., training, sales tools, sales process changes, etc.


  • Product development process and product proposal assessment, agreement and plan
  • Identify bank’s need for marketing campaign - Marketing and sales campaigns / contests for non-life products, plan, design, launch, campaign management, tracking and monitoring performance


  • Design marketing and sales campaigns / contests, get approvals, launch them on the ground
  • Internal communication to employees (corporate and branches)
  • External communication in case of change in products, features, customer campaigns
  • Customer research to better understand customer needs – channel and consumer research

Operations and technology

  • Review and streamline service operations
  • Use technology to streamline processes and improve customer experience

Strategy / segment

Develop and implement banca distribution strategy to serve various segments

3. Team Manaagement

  • Build a high performing team, recruit, motivate, and retain
  • Lead, coach and mentor staff
  • Set up regular meetings to evaluate results and problem solves for solutions

Other activities that are allocated to the individual from time to time

Job requirement

  • Bachelor Degree (at minimum)
  • Specialist Knowledge: Chứng chỉ nghề (LOMA, Certified Actuary, ANZIFF, CII/ACII hoặc các chứng chỉ bảo hiểm được công nhận bởi Bộ Tài Chính
  • Management experience in insurance/ bank
  • Ngoại ngữ (Tiếng Anh)/ English: TOEIC (605-780)
  • Insights of non-life and market as well as regulators, Insights of bank system
  • Kỹ năng giao tiếp và truyền thông; Sáng tạo và liên tục cải tiến; Khả năng hiểu biết tổ chức
  • Khả năng tác động và gây ảnh hưởng đến người khác; Khả năng xây dựng các mối quan hệ; Khả năng tiếp thị, điều tra dự báo thị trường; Khả năng đàm phán

  • Khả năng tư duy chiến lược; Khả năng lãnh đạo; Khả năng Phát triển con người; Khả năng đánh giá và ra quyết định