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General Accountant - Kế Toán Tổng Hợp

Job requirement

  • Cash management:
    • Checking bank balance report on a daily basis
    • Ensuring smooth payment process from request to transfer validation
    • Reviewing cash book records and monthly cash count
    • Updating cash flow planning by closely following up on payables
  • Bookkeeping:
    • Being ultimately responsible for all the bookkeeping within the defined scope
    • Maintaining proper financial reporting
    • Supervising reconciliation of accounts for review and approval of the management
  • Tax:
    • Checking and approving supplier invoices
    • Supervising the issuance of VAT invoices
    • Checking VAT report and other tax reports
  • Administration:
    • Being responsible for contract management
    • Ensuring a proper management and archive of all accounting documentation
    • Uploading common data on e-database
    • Following up on invoices/debit notes to customers and partners
    • Supporting with forms to the banks, corporate secretary, etc.
  • Audit:
    • Preparing all requested data for the external/internal auditor
    • Carrying out the preparation and execution of the audit fieldwork
    • Following up on the audit closing and conclusions

Job requirement

- Good command of written and spoken English language/ Tiếng Anh tốt đủ dùng trong công việc- Background at General Accountant position is required (at least 02 years experience).- Strong analytical skills and excellent negotiation skills.- Professional and well trained manner.- CV should be in English. - Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview.

- Graduated from college/university majoring in Accounting/Finance/ Tốt nghiệp Cao đẳng/Đại học chuyên ngành Kế toán/tài chính 


Bảo hiểm theo quy định, Phụ cấp, Thưởng, Chăm sóc sức khỏe, Đào tạo, Tăng lương, Công tác phí, Phụ cấp thâm niên, Chế độ nghỉ phép