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(FLC Samson) Training Manager

Job requirement

  • Developing an annual training plan.
  • Managing the training budget.
  • Assisting department managers to develop and organize their training programmes.
  • Assisting department managers to train individuals designated as departmental trainers.
  • Conducting general orientation programmes.
  • Organizing supervisory and management development programmes.
  • Coordinating the use of outside training resources.
  • Organizing cross-training programmes.
  • Assisting the management in analyzing training needs.
  • Completing monthly training reports.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Acknowledging and screening the daily work schedule.
  • Conducting daily briefings and de-briefings in the absence of the department heads.
  • Establishing a two-way communication mode with related departments.
  • Communicating effectively with guests, subordinates, immediate supervisors and other section heads.
  • Completing, distributing and presenting monthly training reports which include employee‟s progress reports.
  • Responsible for successful management and operations of trainings by measuring the progress of employee improvements towards communication skills, job skills and English skills.
  • Knowing and understanding the job description of all positions in his/her department and beware of others.
  • Checking and improving all service standards established by the company.
  • Maintaining grooming standards for all personnel.
  • Communicating effectively with guests, clients, business partners and employees.
  • Bering a superior sales person to promote the hotel‟s image and businesses.
  • Participating in community projects or activities in order to promoting the hotel‟s image and cooperation to improve community relationships.
  • Coaching and counseling all employees when applicable.
  • Evaluating objectively the training performance or related employees.
  • Providing the most effective training to all employees regularly.
  • Motivating employees to grow within the company.
  • Developing himself/ herself to become a better manager at all times.
  • Relating the Spa concept to staffs and ensure healthy living programmes.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the management.

Job requirement

  • At least Bachelor degree in any field
  • At least 3 year experience in a company or in international hotels with evidenced tracked record of achievements in people development
  • Capability of conducting trainings and developments of employees at all levels
  • Strong inter-personality and leadership skills
  • Proficiency in English and computer literate
  • Excellent public speaking skills (track record of presentation or public speaking training course)
  • Strong in driving results, people management and development


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