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Activation & Merchandising Executive/ Assistant Marketing Manager (Hóa Chất/Dược Phẩm, 1000USD, TN4890)

Job requirement

HR1: Our client is an FDI company, now looking for an Activation & Merchandising Executive in HCM:

  • Responsible for managing and monitoring purchase programs at the systems
  • Implement and implement product promotion programs
  • Set up ideas, build and manage product display programs and display marketing items at the point of sale
  • Proposing solutions to improve the quality of programs and campaigns to promote products to consumers;
  • Check and supervise the implementation of promotional programs according to the standards prescribed by the brand for the goods industry
  • Implement, deploy promotional programs, event programs at the point of sale
  • Monitoring of Marketing Activation programs
  • Working with departments and agencies related to the implementation of Marketing Activation programs
  • Instruct staff to approach, introduce, consult products and sales to meet each program's criteria.

HR2:Our client is an FDI Trading company, now looking for an Assistant Marketing Manager in Ho Chi Minh:

  • ​Provide support for Marketing Director, CEO and management team
  • Legal completion on sales information system,
  • Ensure orders are completed and updated weekly
  • Create daily, weekly and monthly reports for marketing managers within the required deadline
  • Communicate daily with the finance and shipping department about exchanges and completion; and provide reports,
  • Get questions by phone from potential customers, create databases to use
  • Enter your customers' questions in the marketing system and create customized photos
  • Always follow company policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Contributing to improving the business and improving the company's reputation by giving new ideas

Job requirement

HR1: Activation & Merchandising Executive in HCM:

  •  Male/Female
  •  Education: graduated university in the related fields
  •  Experience: at least 3 years working in merchandise or related fields
  •  Knowledge in FMCG
  •  Know the basics of graphics software, image processing like Photoshop, AI ...
  •  Good in English

HR2: Assistant Marketing Manager in Ho Chi Minh:

  •  Male/Female; Ages: Under 30 years old
  •  Education: graduated university in Marketing, Sales or equivalent
  •  Experience: Having at least 2-year experience in the same position
  •  Strong in English
  •  Priority work in Chemical Industry


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