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Updated: 25/03/2020

Employment Information


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Job requirement

1. Draft training and training plans and programs according to the approved Regulations or Training and Training Regulations.

2. Organizing the implementation of training programs according to the work plan (month, quarter, year) of the Division:

a. Carrying out surveys and synthesizing training / retraining needs of departments in the Company.

b. Search and evaluate training service partners according to the current regulations on assessment of service providers being applied in the organization.

c. Draft guidelines when there is a change or adjustment of training policies / regulations / procedures, training / re-training for staff members of the assigned divisions.

d. Implement training, orientation and re-training programs for employees belonging to the production division and under the departments and divisions directly related to the production process in the Company.

e. Organize, print and provide training materials, directly support lecturers during the training and training courses as prescribed.

3. Managing training and training activities according to the assigned scope of work:

a. Record and synthesize feedback from staff in the process of implementing policies / regulations / procedures on training and training.

b. Carry out the evaluation of training and training effectiveness within the assigned scope of work.

c. Make periodic or irregular reports according to job requirements.

d. Update and perfect the training curriculum according to the assigned schedule and work schedule.

e. Participate in developing and perfecting training regulations, policies, processes and procedures for training according to assigned tasks.

4. To perform other duties assigned by the management.

Job requirement

1. Qualifications: University, major in Human Resource Management, Psychology, Linguistics, Administrative Management, Business Administration, Law ...

2. Knowledge:

- Knowledgeable about labor law

- Knowledge and logical thinking about the production and business activities of an organization

c. Understanding the principles, methods of surveying & managing internal training activities. Course design

d. Proficient in office informatics (word, excel, PowerPoint ..)

3. Experience: At least 03 years working in the field of Human Resources and 02 years in the field of training and training.

More Information

  • Qualification: Đại học
  • Age: Unlimited
  • Job type: Permanent

Company Overview

First Alliances' Client

Number of employees: 100-499

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