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Công ty TNHH FES VietNam
Updated: 13/01/2021

Employment Information

Job requirement

- Scopes of work: production planning, material planning, resource planning

- Direct production planning and control activities. Manage efficient scheduling and coordination of production processes in order to achieve production and shipping goals

- Control capacity of each production lines, and liaise with production dept for production schedule

- Coordinate activities with department managers and supervisors throughout the organization to ensure timely delivery

- Monitor actual production and inventory in order to better plan, interpret variances, and correct problems as necessary to meet customer commitments

- Monitor inventory counts and production reporting to ensure accurate system data

- Based on inventory & production plans, make plans for procurement of: raw materials, packaging materials and other items in Bill of Material (BOM)

- Liaise with procurement Dept and supplier for delivery schedule. Make sure no shortage materials for production and keep at approved inventory levels

- Expand and refine capacity planning concepts with key work centers and processes

- Recommend refinements/improvements to operating system (ERP)

- Periodically analyze and adjust lot sizes and lead times based upon sale demands and production capacity. Minimize change over as well as level of inventory

- Review Supplier schedule changes and take appropriate action, which may include resolving with Procurement & suppliers and adjusting planning

- Do the same for Finished Goods. Review production schedule changes and take proper actions, which may include resolving with Sale & customers

- Prepare all related reports

- Other job duties as assigned

Job requirement

-          Working time: 5 days/ week

-          Used to work with ERP (dynamic/ SAP, etc… for planning)

-          Cost & cost saving mindset

-          Used to work at the foreign company is preferred

-          Can able to use well Microsoft office

-           Trained & experienced in Supply Chain

More Information

  • Age: Unlimited
  • Job type: Permanent

Company Overview

Công ty TNHH FES VietNam

Food Empire is a leading Singaporean Food and Beverage company that manufactures and markets instant beverages, frozen foods, confectionery and snacks. In... View more


Công ty TNHH FES VietNam