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Recruitment Executive

Job requirement


Recruitment Executive will be in charge to assist Manager in elaborating & following the implementation of HR policies, recruitment process and planning, building up talent pool and effectively executive recruitment in order to meet HR need for business goals and increase competitiveness of employer brand.


1. Implement recruitment plans

- Manage, organize the implementation of recruitment plan responding on business needs and under the decentralization

- Build up candidates data

- Develop relations with recruitment partners

- Update and report labor market information and trends, recruitment situation of its business field

- Analyze, report about effectiveness of recruitment evaluation.

2. HR planning

- Coordinate with departments, update recruitment plans as roster

- Manage database, analyze, and make report about HR plans.

3. Build up talent pool, elaborate and complete recruitment tools/ solutions, manage supplier

- Assist in giving the ideas to elaborate strategy and implement the plan to build up talent pool strategy, promote employer branding

- Assist in elaborating and completing recruitment tools/solutions and recruitment management system: synthesis and update candidates data system, recruitment process, interview guide, test tools system and evaluate candidates, communication tools,….

- Elaborate and update standard HR structure, job list and job description system - Implement training and guide about recruitment process, tools and solutions - Manage and evaluate the quality of service supplier related (communication services, evaluation service,…).

4. Execute administration tasks

- Generate, edit, translate emails and all documents required; Follow up, manage mails, documents incoming and outgoing

- In charge of on boarding process; Key-in employees information and follow-up on probation period; coordinate with HR team in management of personel files

- Prepare logistics for meetings, interviews, recruitment events,…

5. Other activities according to job requirements and assigned by supersiors

Job requirement


Functional knowledge & experience:

- Knowledges about retail market, HR policies, recruitment process of company

- General knowledge about HR Management (labour law, labour market,…), specializing in HR planning and recruitment

Functional skill:

- Proficient in recruitment procedures, interview tools/ evaluation/negotiation in recruitmenting

- Following, synthesis and analysis large data

- Proficient in organizing activities and following the implementation for result –oriented goals

Managerial skill:

 - Organisation and teamwork, thinking to sovle the problem 

Other skills:

- Time management, results-oriented

- Good at negotiate and communication skill, promote developing partnership

- Organisation and teamwork, thinking to sovle the problem


  • Education: Bachelor or equivalent
  • Seniority: At least 3 years in recruitment position (prefer from headhunter companies)
  • Language: Fluent in English
  • Office skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint…)
  • Attitude: prudent, honest, objective, proactiv