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React Native Dev (Mobile Apps/iOS/Android)

Updated: 09/06/2021

Employment Information


  • Laptop
  • Chế độ bảo hiểm
  • Du Lịch
  • Phụ cấp
  • Chế độ thưởng
  • Đào tạo
  • Tăng lương
  • Phụ cấp thâm niên
  • Nghỉ phép năm

Job requirement

We are seeking a mobile developer who is a qualified candidate to join our Developer team, to develop and maintain high-quality mobile applications and support the entire application lifecycle.

  • Work with Business Analyst and backend developer to build applications using ReactNative
  • Cooperate with UI Designer to implement modern minimalist designs into production
  • Designing robust, scalable and secure features.
  • Fixing and cleaning of bugs, and performing updates and upgrades to the infrastructure.
  • Work closely with Team leader to provide ideas and solutions to the development of new features.
  • Assuring the progress of work assigned
  • Being fond of and having a strong desire to work for Singapore company
  • Work with other 3rd party providers when needed.

Job requirement

  • Minimum 1.5 year of experience writing code for iOS/Android apps in React Native.
  • Experience with Push Notification, Map, BLE, GPS tracking…..
  • Have experience work with third-party and debugging dependency confilicts.
  • Developing applications with a strong focus on UI and UX design.
  • Having existing mobile apps on Apple App Store or Google Play is a plus.

More Information

  • Qualification: Intermediate
  • Age: 22 - 45
  • Job type: Permanent

Company Overview

CÔNG TY TNHH MTV Tin Học Á Đông Vi Na Number of employees: 50-100

Vươn lên từ sự thành công của công ty mẹ AceCom (Singapore) được thành lập từ tháng 7 năm 1993. ADVN Software hình thành năm 2014 với nền tảng ban đầu chỉ là... View more

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React Native Dev (Mobile Apps/iOS/Android)