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Property Supervisor

Job requirement


Supervise daily operation of Shopping Mall and maintain the overall control of the Mall’s activities.


  • Overall Supervise, train and monitor all staff including Operation Executive, Property admin and outsource service providers to ensure smooth operations of the Mall
  • Supervise maintenance of all common services and maintain the excellence of services delivered to customers.
  • Maintain and enforce correct operational standards concerning health, safety, security and fire prevention.
  • Adhere to all requirements relating to licensing, operation and relationships to local departments and other local authorities.
  • Attend the meetings and inspections of the government officers including fire police, local police, environment police, safety officer, etc.
  • Review Incident Reports, daily reports, logbooks, etc. and update Property Manager.
  • Assist Property Manager in organizing and arranging for the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) such as fire drill, flood test, bomb threat, etc.
  • Assist Property Manager to set up the standard, procedures, guidance for all departments and ensure the procedures applied are followed properly.
  • Prepare and Manage all operations’ expenses and management costs within the annual operations budget.
  • Execute tasks as assigned by Property Manager.
  • Job requirement

    • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering, Facilities Management, or equivalent
    • Experience in Shopping Mall Management/ Property Management or Facility Management (3- 5 years).
    • Good knowledge of the law/regulations, safety and environmental requirements on building
    • Demonstrate good communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Have a teamwork spirit and strong work ethics.
    • Possess an ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment.
    • Ability to prioritize, planning skills, well-organized, multitasking.
    • Good working knowledge of budgeting, accounting and financial analysis.
    • Ability to analyse situations, evaluate alternatives and come up with workable solutions
    • Fluent in speaking and writing English