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Product Manager

Mô tả công việc

Business Development

Performs Marketing strategies approved to successfully accomplish the company goal

Designing and submitting appropriate MKT plans in accordance with current market environment with the cooperation of principals included CET VN and Board of Directors

  • Deploying MKT plans approved by closely cooperating with Board of Directors to effectively implement them.
  • Following up closely and daily all MKT and sales activities implemented by GRT sales reps to ensure well perform.
  • Conducting effectively products training to GRT sales representatives and customers as well upon requirements on aesthetic area
  • Working closely with Board of Directors and Business Development Director to explore business opportunities for effective development new customers and markets to seek for profitable business
  • Gather constantly all necessary information related to competitors and market information for analysis and quick responsiveness.
  • Updating and compiling regularly all promotional materials included flyer, leaflet, brochure, CD, website, etc… provided by principals ensuring quality of creative materials.
  • Creating effectively and qualitatively product training manuals
  • Dealing constantly with customers for product information through feedback from Sales reps
  • Cooperating and working closely with Board of Directors, , Business Partners and Principal to effectively prepare an annual MKT plan accordingly included workshops, seminars, symposiums, sponsoring activities etc…in order to boost sales
  • Supporting constantly on marketing and product training to potential customers if needed.


Achieve set target on a quarterly basis that is consistent tothe company target to generate more sales and profit throughMKT & Sales implementation plan.

  • Work closely with Board of Directors and Business Development Director to monitor sales constantly

Management & Administrative work

Day to day tasks that are necessary to ensure smooth execution of operation and growth plans

  • Be able to clearly produce all internal MKT documentation included database, proposal development
  • To accomplish the following on weekly and monthly basis: Weekly working repor; Monthly working plan
  • Timely coordination of change on creative direction,price, timetables, customer requirements and etc.
  • Provide management risk assessment to anticipateproblems that may arise during execution. Therefore giving ample time to addressissues creatively.
  • Assist Business partners and Board of Directors in trouble shooting if unnecessary situation happens and assist management on problem solving for customers under your jurisdiction.
  • Assist Managing Director in leading and influencing others at work on aday to day basis by coaching sales team members on matters related to company policies, customer service, and other pertainingissues.
  • And other related and relevant task that may be assigned from time to time.

Yêu cầu công việc

  • University Graduate (Medical and Pharmaceutical University is preferred)
  • 3 years experiences with the same position
  • Communication skills
  • Analysic/ Organization skill

Phúc lợi

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