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Performance Content Executive

California Fitness & Yoga Centers
Updated: 21/11/2020

Employment Information


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Job requirement

As part of FLG, Eri Clinic is one of Vietnam's leading beauty companies and improves tens of thousands of lives every year. We believe that we can transform the beauty industry and deliver the world's best customer experience by using digital technologies and a customer-centric approach to marketing.
Driven by our mission to build Vietnam's most advanced O2O/integrated marketing team, we need the most ambitious and talented people. Are you one of them? If so, we want to talk to you!
As part of the performance marketing team in FLG, your responsibilities will be:
- Online Advertising: How can we deliver the most relevant ads and maximize our lead volume?
- Conversion Funnel Optimization: How can we optimize our conversion rate from lead to sales to achieve the best possible CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and CIR (Cost In Revenue)?
To accomplish these objectives, you’ll need to create the most engaging and relevant content and optimize every step of the ads consuming journey.

Job requirement

What You'll Be Doing
In this role you will:
- Contribute continuously actionable, measurable ideas to achieve growth targets with the team;
- Ensure continual growth and performance improvements by testing and tracking for outcomes of:
- New beauty treatment packages, offers & products based on discussion with marketing stakeholders;
- New content marketing tactics and strategies based on data-driven insights and research;
- Apply your expertise and skills to manage content of all online marketing channels (including but not limited to Facebook, SEM, Zalo, GDN, YouTube ads)
- Manage, test and optimize content of ads creative assets to maintain high action rate of ads viewers;
- Manage, test and optimize content of ads landing pages to maintain high conversion rate of paid traffic;
- Work closely with Marketing team to develop engaging and relevant content for promotional campaigns to contribute significantly to growth targets;
- Work closely with Telemarketing & Sales teams to collect customer behavioral insights to optimize lead quality across online marketing channels;
- Work closely with our Data Analytics team to troubleshoot and develop content action plans to overcome growth challenges;
- Live a strong performance-focused culture that identifies with the overall company vision.
We encourage you to:
- Care deeply: be empathetic towards and listen to our customers and your colleagues;
- Own it: take ownership and drive for results while exemplifying a positive attitude;
- Move quickly: be proactive, adapt quickly and break down barriers;
- Challenge the status quo: innovate, test and optimize continuously;
- Enjoy a healthy life: workout, run, dance, compete, stretch, pump some iron or do whatever makes you feel good.
What Makes This Job Amazing:
- Work with one of the most skilled & creative & performance-driven Marketers in Vietnam
- Have great opportunity to lead Digital Marketing projects to drive growth to the company
- Help tens of thousands of people to live a better & beauty life
- Be part of one of the most dynamic & data-driven & creative company in Beauty industry in Vietnam
- Huge learning & professional growth opportunities;
- Great employee benefits (including a free gym membership)

More Information

  • Qualification: Cao đẳng
  • Age: Unlimited
  • Job type: Permanent

Company Overview

Fitness & Lifestyle Group (FLG) Vietnam Number of employees: 4000

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Performance Content Executive

California Fitness & Yoga Centers