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Operation Manager (Call center, Payment, Data Entry)

Mô tả công việc

  • Responsible for manage daily operations of Data Entry, Payment , Customer service and Contract Processing teams.
  • Responsible for training and measuring staffs performance of Data Entry, Payment & Customer service and Contract Processing teams.
  • Supervise, manage and impulse the implementation of operation strategy to ensure KPI target of Data Entry, Payment & Customer service and Contract Processing teams.
  • Responsible for organizing weekly and monthly meetings of Data Entry, Payment & Customer service and Contract processing teams.
  • Develop staff training plan and strategy.
  • Creating, building and being a contact point for working with relevant partners and departments.
  • Contribute concepts and ideas to develop disbursement procedures of new products.
  • Participate in building, guiding and improving processes and guidelines.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Head of Operations


  • Complete the Data Entry procedure in relation with system according to the Regulations and default functions of data inputting system at Data Entry stage.
  • Ensure TAT application’s processing time at Data Entry Stage is complied with the Regulations. Update all information from Departments of Operations, Risk Management, Project Management, IT, etc. to guarantee latest process is being applied at Data Entry Division.
  • Keep update the change of system as well as regularly review training documents for Division users.
  • Analyze, evaluate the quality of data entry application and system to detect issue, potential risks and to propose appropriate solutions for improvement at Data Entry Stage
  • Design & improve the implementation of relevant checking of new system, products, procedures related to majors of Data Entry.


  • Working with other departments to provide solutions to resolve customer issues relating to standard operation procedures and exception cases ...
  • Based on product requirements, business requirements, creating appropriate processes for improving customer service quality.
  • Control call service quality and find appropriate methods to improve staff productivity and quality together with support related departments in fraud investigation.
  • Develop internal workflow between Customer service Department and other related departments to ensure all works are completely and effectively done.
  • Develop personal achievements as well as achievements of all teams.
  • Manage, supervise and ensure that all members in customer services department actively participate in the Call Service Quality Assessment activities
  • Provide quickly and appropriate solutions to restrict mistakes happen.


  • Control the activities of processing and archiving post-disbursement contracts followed with SOP.
  • Manage and evaluate quality control processes of Contract Processing and archiving team
  • Monitoring daily activities and productivity of Contract Processing team to ensure loan contracts are processed followed SOP.
  • Coordinate with training department to develop training strategies.
  • Work with relevant departments to complete the contract processing procedures.
  • Provide solutions to prevent mistakes.
  • Regularly update and follow risk policies.


  • Manage the number of disbursed applications as well as processing time for each application daily.
  • Manage reconciliation of cash flow between Core Banking system & LMS daily.
  • Manage and supervise the reconciliation of insurance amount with Insurance company, ensure the correction of insurance commission every month.
  • Control risk at Disbursement and Payment stage, propose the solutions to limit/repair the loss.
  • Frequently evaluate system issue and processes, propose solutions, and cooperate with vendor to find the solution for increasing productivity of the team.
  • Organize the testing new system/products/processes related to Disbursement and Payment stage.
  • Building the reports related to loans module and report to head office if require.
  • Explain the entanglements from Accounting and Auditing Dept. related to loan account balance at FICO.

Yêu cầu công việc

  • Bachelor degree in Finance/Economics/Banking.
  • At least 7 years of experience working management position in accounting and Customer Service Dept. or similar at Finance company or Commercial Bank.
  • Communication, presentation, training & management skills, and have ability to motivate team
  • Experienced managing over 50 employees
  • Ability to examine data, reports and complete the work on time
  • Ability to resolve problems requiring accuracy and prompt
  • Positive and enthusiastic work attitude
  • Proficient in Microsoft office (Work, Excel, PowerPoint ...)
  • Good communication, good presentation in Vietnamese and English language (speaking & writing).

Phúc lợi

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