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Merchandiser Staff

Un-Available LTD Co.,
Updated: 20/11/2020

Employment Information

Job requirement

- Communication with customer to/in order to sign contract/consult our services or products

  • Communicate daily to keep customer informed on order status by responding to their emails and updating weekly report
  • Participate in Skype meetings with customer when required and assist Senior Merchandiser to send follow up meeting summary
  • Support the customer during their visits to the factory by participating in range meeting reviews and sending a follow up summary of all points discussed
  • Respond to queries received from customer within an appropriate timeframe to ensure all emails are answered.

- Assist with all Merchandising activities – customer related to support Senior Merchandiser for meeting the customer’s requirements

  • Receive and check purchase orders for Sampling and Production
  • Check the received tech packs include all necessary info; garment spec, fabric spec, label spec, artwork spec if applicable
  • Check all submissions (samples, fabric, treatments etc.) match the customers specification before sending
  • Ensure all submissions (samples, fabric, treatments etc.) meet the customers quality expectations before sending
  • Receive customer comments, translate and communicate to factory
  • Prepare costing sheet and send customer FOB quotes within required timeframe and negotiate with customer to confirm pricing
  • Ensure customer is sending orders/ comments/ information in accordance with agreed order dates
  • Send Weekly reports to inform customer of current status for Sampling and Production orders.

- Assist with all Merchandising activities – factory related to support Senior Merchandiser in communicating and controlling PO details within the factory

  • Process orders from customer and communicate to factory using the required documents; Order Spreadsheet, Proforma invoice etc.
  • Work with relevant departments to determine consumption of trims and fabric for each style
  • Raise purchase orders for all raw materials and track the delivery of each to ensure the input to factory is correct for the critical path and exit date
  • Raise purchase orders for treatment and CMP and track this to ensure the input and output are relevant for the critical path
  • Work with other departments to give advice and input to ensure production is planned in the most efficient manner
  • Support other departments to help find solutions when problems occur
  • Ensure all sampling and production meets the quality expectations of customer
  • Track sampling and production to ensure Merchandiser tasks are prepare on time i.e. PP dockets
  • Work with Factory Office to confirm Packing List date
  • Work with Shipping Department to ensure orders ship to plan.

- Other tasks as assigned:

  • Support Senior Merchandiser and Merchandising Manager when needed

- Reporting:

  • Create monthly report for Orders Received; this includes Sampling and Production
  • Create monthly report for Orders Invoiced; this includes Sampling and Production
  • Send Weekly report to Customer for style by style order status update

Job requirement

  • College in Garment Technology or Related field
  • 2 years in experience – Applicant must having experience in the garment / manufacturing industry; work directly with production
  • Industry knowledge – must understand garments and the componentry behind the business have a working knowledge of fabrics / trims / production.
  • Well organized with good time management and problem solving skills
  • Good English skills – verbal and written communication required
  • Able to work independently and also in a team environment

More Information

  • Qualification: Cao đẳng
  • Age: 24 - 35
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Probation time: 2 months
  • Working time: Monday - Friday
  • Annual leave: 14 annual leave for female

Company Overview

Un-Available LTD Co., Number of employees: 400

Unavailable Ltd is a fashion manufacturer with Australian and English capital with over ten years established in Vietnam. With 400 full-time in house skilled... View more

Merchandiser Staff

Un-Available LTD Co.,