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Kế Toán Trưởng - Chief Accountant

Job requirement

- Prepare and update the management report for HOD.

- Analysis data, report for HOD and BOD.

- Follow and prepare the documents for loan, payment loan, adjust the loan with the bank/fund.

- Review; analysis the marketing promotion.

- Prepare cash flow; the budget and rolling forecast.

- Control and analysis the AR, AP; financial analysis for the company;

- Review accounting transaction; check accounting entries;

- Control and re-examining all accounting dossiers and vouchers;

- Check the tax reports made by the accountant;

- Check the making of tax finalization reports;

- Prepare the finance report as VAS

- Prepare weekly and montly reports

- Set up an accounting system for the company;

- Assign work for accountanting staff;

- Train accounting profession for accounting staff of accounting department;

- Guide accountants to perform accounting work;

- Ensure the accounting dept, finish their task on time and accuracy

- Ensure the transacton and filing documents properly.

- Consult accounting, tax (VAT, PIT,..) and invoices for company;

- Consult investment; finance; business law;

- Work with audit company; external audit

- Work and explain with the tax authorities;

- Work with bank to mobilize capital for company;

- Implement other tasks as required.

Job requirement

- University degree or above;

- Qualifications Bachelor Degree in Auditing/Accounting;

- Language English: Good

- Accounting software

- Experience of working in accounting/auditing positions. At least 5 years of experience in Chief Accountant or same;

- Good communication, leadership/ownership and persuasive skills;

- Good in leadership, management, time management, staff motivation, problem solving and capability building;

- High integrity;

-  Creative and innovation;

- “CAN DO” attitude;

-  Has collaborative and teambuilding spirit.


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