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IT System Administrator

Job requirement

With more than 40 years of research and 12 years of presence in the market, Polytechnic Solar Power Investment & Development Joint Stock Company (SolarBK) is the leading company in the Clean Energy Industry in Vietnam.

Keep pace with the strong development of Clean Energy market; SolarBK is constantly growing. The scale of operations is expanded, updated with modern technology trends, so we seek dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate and passionate IT System Administrator .

  • Management of server system & Cloud service (Monitoring, operation, backup, troubleshooting when incidents) on Windows & Linux operating system (Ubuntu).
  • System security, antivirus, firewall, tracklog, system security monitoring, timely troubleshooting and risks 24/24.
  • Administration of Zimbra mail server system.
  • Administer the pfSense firewall and VPN using OpenVPN.
  • Administer domain local system on Windows platform, File server.
  • Install, operate, monitor software services: WAMPP / LAMPP, MISA, MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, NGINX, Apache etc.
  • Participate in system design, ensuring uniformity and continuity between the corporation and its member companies.
  • Compile, update the documentation. Use transfer training.

Job requirement

  •   Know the monitoring tools, automatic alerts: Zabbix, OpenNMS and so on
  •    Understand system security issues & use security tools
  •  Experience using cloud solutions: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure is an advantage
  •  Skilled problem solving, teamwork
  •  Honest, logical thinking
  •  English: Toeic> 550


1.      Income

  • Salary: Competitive
  • Holiday / Tet bonuses, work performance bonuses, project completion bonuses.
  • Opportunity to increase salary at least 1 year / time

2.      Welfare / regimes

  • Career development opportunities
  • Insurance 24/24
  • Travel at least 1 year / time
  • The leave is in accordance with the regulations of the state

3.      Working environment

  • Open work space, friendly, enthusiastic and supportive colleagues
  • Working time is from Monday to Friday. However , we do not manage working time, only care about work efficiency.


Bảo hiểm theo quy định, Du Lịch, Phụ cấp, Thưởng, Đào tạo, Tăng lương, Công tác phí, Chế độ nghỉ phép