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IT Support Maintenance Systems (VB.NET/ ASP.NET) - upto 25M

Mô tả công việc

- Support maintenance system: + Update backup code to DRC (Data Recovery Center) + Update application matrix. + Update application function list. + Update user contact list. + Review batch, update, scheduled tasks, Interface (update when there are changes, add new ones) + Update the TEST environment to be the same as the PRD environment. + SLA PDCA meeting with the APP maintenance vendors. + Instructions for installing applications for users. + Procedures for fixing system functions before transferring to MGMT are put on PRD + Check system daily + Update the documentation for app permissions for MGMT section + Record the issue to JIRA system and update the issue status daily + Update the request to send an investigation maker, the issue ... + Support agent, HVN user during system usage- Working under HVN assignment

Yêu cầu công việc

- Minimum 2- year experience in system maintenance support for other company - Good at logical thinking and handling problems.- Planning & Organization skill- Have capability to detect, record issue & propose countermeasure.- Have at least 1 year experience in software development related toVB.NET or ASP.NET- Have experience in working with Oracle database and SQL Server- Reporting skill.- Teamwork.- Good communication skills. - Ability to adapt with the working environment.- Can work under pressure.- Can communicate by Englist will be advantage- Be careful and responsible in business.- Summarry skill and reporting skills - In case you hired member from subcontractors, they also have to follow standard procedure of HVN. - Vendor need provide method how to study the HVN biz to get knowlege. Member need to be passed test by HVN member.

Phúc lợi

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