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IT Officer

Job requirement

1. Perform day-to-day operation and maintenance e.g. installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading within the organization's desktop computing environment.

2. Build and install PCs, telephone systems, wireless networks and peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners, mobile and smart phones) related to desktop infrastructure, in accordance with the organization’s policy and standards.

3. Implement new hardware to end-users including backup and transfer of end-user’s data and files from old PC to replacement PC.

4. Maintain installed PCs, networks, telephone systems and peripherals with routine maintenance.

5. Maintain the organization’s databases with up to date solutions and clear record of activities.

6. Identify, log, diagnose and resolve technical problems with software applications or network systems

7. Analyze and document common issues facing end-users to create solutions or manuals that users can implement/follow

8. Initiate potential changes and system improvements to present to supervisor for consideration and implementation.

9. Cooperate with existing vendors to evaluate the new technology that is available and make recommendations to supervisor on using that technology.

10. Provide a single point of contact for technical services and maintenance for users with varying levels of IT knowledge.

Job requirement


·         Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, IT or related filed.


·         5 years up of relevant experience in IT network/systems administration or relevant role in a medium to large enterprise


·         Good knowledge of various operating systems and databases e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Windows Server products, iOS or Android.

·         Good understanding of the latest in network hardware, software, technology, and trends.

·         High communications and problem-solving skills.

·         Strong responsibility, reliability, flexibility and service mind.

·         Proficient in the use of necessary program or software such as Anti-Virus software, MS Office, etc.

.        High English proficiency (Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing).


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