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HSE Coordinator

Job requirement

Lead Environment, Safety & Health at BT, LA, HY factory, and Distribution Centres

· Provides Environment, Safety and Health leadership to BT, LA, HY factory and Distribution Centres to improve the profitability of the company through a reduction in occupational injuries and illnesses, safer and more healthful work environment, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and a reduction in financial losses due to workplace accidents.

· Provides technical leadership in identifying, evaluating and controlling safety and industrial hygiene hazards, interpreting new and existing regulations, and monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements, corporate guidance documents, facility safety and hygiene procedures, and good safety and hygiene practices.

· Proactively to benchmark and share best practices aiming to continuously improve the Environment, Safety & Health level of Pham Nguyen Company.

· Participate as key member of the Mill, Commercial Leadership Team to build the Environment, Safety & Health Culture in the organization

· Providing leadership in controlling Good housekeep practices .

· Conduct EHS self-assessment as planned and develop actions/program for improvement

· Monitors and evaluates the workplace to ensure compliance with EHS and related regulations.

· Plans, develops, administers, and manages organization safety policies, programs and training.

· Requires working knowledge of federal and state safety laws and the ability to identify and evaluate workplace hazards.

· Maintains records on lost time accidents and prepares appropriate reports.

· Directs organization-wide safety programs. Develops, implements, and manages safety programs and policies, procedures, standards, award programs, and may include organization training programs.

· Responsible for maintenance of safety/accident records. May coordinate programs with insurance carriers. Serves as liaison on behalf of organization with governmental agencies, trade association, etc., in matters pertaining to safety practices and legislation.

· Understands and applies relevant quality management principles in all assignments and responsibilities to support the company’s goal of achieve world class status in quality.

Expected End Result :

Key Environment, Safety & Health ratings to be delivered Best In Class results providing continuous business competitive advantages. The safe working environment, which promotes GMP culture across Pham Nguyen operations.

Ways to Measure Accomplishment

Key indexes on Environment, Safety & Health (incident rate, Environment, Safety & Health Management System rating, physical conditions score), SMART rating

Timely implementation an execution of the related Environment, Safety and Health programs.

The Standardized Occupational Safety Hygiene Roles and Responsibilities

1. Three Obligations must be applied anytime and anywhere within Pham Nguyen:

No. 1: I will refuse to take any action I consider unsafe or to perform any task I am not properly trained to do or do not have the proper tools to do.

No. 2: I will immediately confront anyone performing or about to perform an act or task I consider to be unsafe and I will prevent anyone from performing a task which they are not properly trained to do.

No. 3: I will immediately stop what I am doing if someone confronts me about a task I am doing. I will resolve the concern with respect and goodwill, requesting assistance from another if necessary, before continuing.

2. Strictly comply with the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Rules.

3. Environment Health Safety requirements of each leadership position defined:

Ensure that business activities support the facility Environment Health Safety policies and the Pham Nguyen Occupational Safety and Hygiene and Environmental policies.

Operate in full compliance with Environment Health Safety legislation, laws, regulations and codes.

Identify Environment Health Safety aspects/hazards and impacts and manage them to acceptable levels of risk or impact.

Report, investigate and promptly address sub standard acts and conditions.

Drive the setting of Environment Health Safety objectives and evaluate the effectiveness of the Environment Health Safety Management System.

Clearly communicate Environment Health Safety priorities, expectations or goals to subordinates.

Job requirement

Typically requires a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Safety and Health or related degree and at least 5 years of experience with 2 years of which will have been in a Management position.

English fluency in both writing and speaking.

Engineering knowledge automated production lines of consumer goods or food is an advantage


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