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HR Manager

Concung.com - Công Ty CP Con Cưng


Được thành lập từ năm 2011, là chuỗi hệ thống bán lẻ các sản phẩm dành cho Mẹ bầu & Em bé, Concung.com mang đến thiên đường mua sắm đầy đủ, thuận tiện nhất, với... Xem thêm

Quy mô: 1000 - 2000
Người liên hệ: Dr. Minh

Mô tả công việc

About Concung

At the end of 2017, Concung Corporation has more than 1,500 employees with 250 retail stores in Vietnam. Our annual growth rate is more than 70%. By the end of 2020, our annual revenue is more than $300 million USD. Concung Corporation is a company for mom & baby. With the vision of providing good quality products for children, we invest into Research and Development in order to manufacture and provide products that are suitable to the local market in terms of pricing and quality. All of our products must follow strict safety standards. We also invest into technology in order to manage the retail network efficiently. Concung Corporation is one of the domestic retail company with the leading modern management ability. Concung Corporation is also a technology company.

Concung Corporation is dynamic and vibrant. Our management team are mostly in the age of 30s. Many of them are now holding the director positions with highly competitive benefit packages. Our corporate culture is transparent, result oriented and fast decision making. We nurture and support the creativity and originality of ideas. Our working environment allows talents to prosper and promote quickly.

Job description

The HR manager will be responsible for staff training, employee benefit package, corporate culture and recruitment. It will be both at the retail store level and office level. The HR manager position will oversight the recruitment, training and C&B team.

The HR manager is responsible for:

- Working with the operation department & BOD to develop the benefit package to make sure Concung competitive in the market. The package should be KPI oriented with high reward for good performance.

- Building branding strategy for talent acquisition at all levels including working with top-tier universities and professional networks.

- Implement the internship, recruitment program to prepare and provide human resources meeting the high demand of growth.

- Implement the Concung Corporate culture of transparency, result oriented and fast decision making process.

Yêu cầu công việc


- Currently, holding manager or director position

- Bachelor degree or higher from top-tier institutions

- Ready to use high tech for HR training, branding and recruitment

-  Age: 26 - 32

Salary and Benefits:   

- Manager:  $1,500 - $2,000/month

- Annual bonus:  3 months (under minimum KPI requirement)