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Hà Nội - Nhân Viên Bộ Phận Hàng Biển - Sea/Ocean Freight Forwarding

Job requirement

1. Create import job: Handle mainly Nomination shipments

  • Receive pre-alert from origin office
  • Check basic registration on system. Check shipping document
  • Create import job by change phase of job on system
  • Update system input of import job
  • Submit e-manifest for import shipment
  • Tracking and update shipment milestones.

2. Manage documentation and delivery

  • Check and prepare document:
  • Handle B/Ls and other shipping document
  • Control release

3. Handle Billing/payment

  • Input charge items to system. Post revenue/cost
  • Co-ordinate for billing and payment

4. Handle abnormal issues and liability claim from customer

  • Receive incidence notice, co-ordinate with concern parties/persons to investigate.
  • Make incidence report/ root cause/consequence/ containment actions
  • Report to Supervisor.
  • Support SUP to collect document, evidence, photos from claimant, vendors, overseas agent and related parties.

5. Collabrate in BPM and Staff Management & Development

  • Get training as scheduled,
  • Individual workload review
  • Record result for individual KPI
  • Conduct Performance appraisal for individual as per HR's guidance.

Job requirement

1.       Education           

  • University of economic, foreign trade, foreign language or social science

2.       Experience        

  • 6 month to 1 year of experience in international freight forwarding.

3.       Professional Skill             

  • Good knowledge in international freight forwarding.
  • Experience in practical co-ordination and solving problem.
  • Familiar with web-based Global working platform.

4.       Soft Skill              

  • Fair English competence (Listening, speaking and reading &writing).
  • Using proficiently Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Communicate persuasively,
  • Customer service mindset


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