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Mô tả công việc

a. Work Experience

· Experience on general business work flow within various departments,

· Experience on using Excel formulas manipulating business data, and

· Experience on writing user manuals

b. Skills

· ERP consulting modules

· The candidate needs strong experience in interacting with business users. He will need to be able to understand the needs of the users and then translate that back to the capabilities of the systems.

· The candidate needs to be able to work independently. He will obviously coordinate and clear things with user/ top manager, but once he has his marching orders he needs to be able to execute without coming back to you for everything.

· The candidate should have had experience working with the business users blue-printing the design of proposed systems. This includes being able to understand cost/benefit of projects.

· Should have experience deploying solutions (which means knowing how to properly approach how to train users and follow up).

· Generally speaking, has intuition on business data, is interested on business processes, and has good Excel skill, is a communication bridge between business users and IT - users bring up the requests or problems, IT provides the solution.

c. Operations responsibility:

· Ad-hoc query / report building using ERP, Excel, and Query Tools provided.

· Documentation of business processes & ERP system

· User account administration in ERP

· ERP tier 1 support – prelim analysis, troubleshoot via duplication of symptoms, triage instances based on severity, and channel problems to central IT in HK.

· Change management – internal testing & coordination of ERP change releases w/ users

d. Project responsibility:

· Participate in user requirement gathering & analysis meetings

· Translating User’s request to written specifications, especially from Vietnamese to English.

· Conduct internal testing

e. Major IT Application Systems responsible for

· Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) – a vendor customized proprietary MRP that is Bill of Material centric. Front end is rich function thick client with SQL Server as backend database. The Vietnam MRP is linked to other Ortholite branches. Continuous and centralized system improvements/enhancements require a resident ERP in Vietnam to function as an effective bridge between the local Vietnamese staff (about 100 MPR users) and the English/Chinese based Asia IT staff and vendor.

Yêu cầu công việc

a.            Language skill minimum requirement:

·               Vietnamese – native

·               English good at 4 skills: speaking, writing, listening, reading

·               Chinese – preferably conversational skill (is a plus)

b.            Education and experiences :

·               Diploma or College degree up, computer or business related.

.                2 year working as IT Project manager, or as ERP Vice manager or equal position

·               4 year user experience of using ERP systems in manufacturing sector

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