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Employer Branding Specialist

Updated: 14/02/2020

Employment Information


  • Bảo hiểm theo quy định
  • Phụ cấp
  • Đồng phục
  • Thưởng
  • Tăng lương
  • Công tác phí
  • Chế độ nghỉ phép

Job requirement

• Organize recruiting communication activities: Organizing events at universities, career orientation seminars, job fairs, scholarship programs and business visits…

• Organize activities related to internal communication: Organize events, communication activities and contact with clubs or organizers to organize of major contests for sponsorship…

• Collaborate with Recruitment to organize Campaigns to attract and select potential candidates

• Manage online Recruiting channels

• Collaborate with the Marketing team to edit content, generate media ideas to enhance the identity, brand development, working environment, Lozi's recruiting images on social channels such as website, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin…

• Monitor trends of e-marketing and social media tools, technologies, applications, and new marketing strategies to separate trends from fads

• Proposing and implementing activities on building internal culture and improving the solidarity of the employees of the departments: teambuilding, birthday parties, ceremonies…

Job requirement

• Experience in Employer Branding (at least 1 year)

• Would be great if you have network with Manpower Clubs, Universities

• Dynamic, enthusiastic and favorite Human resources, especially in Recruiting

• The ability to build video content is an advantage

• Good project management skills, able to implement communication plans, create ideas, coordinate and organize events

• Ability to connect with people, stir up movement and create good relationships with all departments

• Experience with social media platforms, video blogging, email marketing, SEO, SEM, and Google Analytics (Preferred)

More Information

  • Qualification: Đại học
  • Age: Unlimited
  • Job type: Permanent

Company Overview

CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN LOZI VIỆT NAM Number of employees: 100-499

Với xu hướng sử dụng ứng dụng trên điện thoại di động ngày càng đa dạng của người dùng, Lozi mở ra cho bạn cơ hội quảng bá thương hiệu đến với hơn 20 triệu... View more

Employer Branding Specialist