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Design Manager

Mô tả công việc

1/ Administer the design of all projects of the company;

2/ Seek for new interior design projects in the market;

3/ Manage and operate the Design Department:

- Be responsible for the quality, schedule, and cost of the interior design projects.

- Coordinate and manage project information.

- Organize, administer, and assign tasks to teams/employees of the Department.

4/ Map out strategies and team development

- Create career development plans for employees.

- Organize training programs to improve the Department’s quality.

- Update employees on new interior design trends.

5/ Develop relevant processes and regulations;

6/ Coordinate R&D projects (or projects related to strategic needs) with other departments/leaders in the company.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Age from 35;

- Graduated majoring in Interior Design from Design and Architecture Universities, foreign and domestic;

- A minimum of  10-year experience in interior design, including 5 years working in a management position for high-end and large-scale projects such as luxury apartments, villas, hotels & resorts… ;

- Had experience in coordinating with the Construction and Production Division to implement the design;

- To be fluent in English is a must.


- Best salary and benefits compared to other companies in the industry, salary negotiation depends on ability and experience;

- Attractive bonus policy: at least 6-month salary per year;

- Special welfare policy exclusively for directors;

- Registration of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance based on agreed salary;

- Fringe benefits: meal, assignment, telephone, travels allowance…

- Comprehensive health insurance for employees and relatives of managers;

- Participate in training programs at home and abroad to develop skills and career;

- Other benefits: periodic health checks, travel policy...

- Opportunities to learn and develop careers in a professional environment.