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Chuyên viên nhân sự - Elite Fitness Đà Nẵng

Job requirement

* Recruitment:

- Support HRM of Elite to complete annual headcount planning for Elite Clubs in timely manner, qualification and productivity

- Support HRM to implement recruitment operational tasks such as: Building candidate database, test bank, posting job, arrange interview, recruitment proposal…

* HR’s Operations:

- Manage and update the employees’ database via hard copies and HR PeopleSoft and making all HR’s reports: Turnover report, monthly salary report, staffing, organization chart…

- Complete and follow up all HR’s paper works such as: Offer letter, labor contract, HR’s Decisions,… to the clubs as assignment.

- Complete procedure for work permit, visa for Elite’s expatriates and other administration works for their relocation and company travelling.

- Advise employees/managers of labor relation issues: updating HR’s Polices, Insurance, employee benefits.

- Prepare document and welcome all inspection team in Elite Fitness System.

- Other task by HR Manager and BOD.

* Implementing all Group HR’s projects that are deployed to Elite:

- Take part all the projects that relating to HR’s people processes of the Group deploying to Elite

- Performance management: Supports line managers to review performance of employees through all the steps of training, setting up SMART objectives/KPI as Elite circle timely (Probation review, monthly, quarterly, mid-year, year-end review…

- Office: Elite Fitness Vĩnh Trung - Vĩnh Trung Plaza, 7th floor, 255 - 257 Hùng Vương, Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng

* Benefits:

- Social Insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, PTI 24/24

- Team building, holiday, company trip, lunch allowance, ....

- Get incentive policies for employees of Group such as Z Pizzarestaurant, Halong Plaza Hotel ...

Job requirement

- A Bachelor degree with a major in related fields

- At least 2 years working experience in the same field, 

- Verbal communication skills, strong presentation and interpersonal communication skills.

- Demonstrate an ability to manage organization skills, leadership quality, interpersonal, problem - solving and analytical skills.

- Speak, understand, read and write English fluently.

- Must be neat, well-groomed, punctual, athletic looking, friendly, outgoing, personality, trustworthy and honest.

- Be quick learner, desire and an ability to work with employees to develop their skills and enthusiasm for their jobs.

- Must be friendly and demonstrate outgoing personality to members of clubs and refrain from personal involvement with members. (Has experience in hospitality field is referable).


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