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Chuyên gia kế hoạch chiến lược (Strategic Planning and Management), Khối Chiến lược và phát triển ngân hàng

  • Work location: Ha Noi

    Industry: Banking

  • Level: Team Leader / Supervisor

    Deadline to apply: 31-12-2019

  • Salary: Negotiable

Job requirement

- Develop, maintain and steward ongoing strategic plan
- Ensuring bank-wide strategy properly cascaded into divisions and functions’ strategy and annual plans
- Ensuring bank-wide strategy effectively executed by monitoring and advising divisions and functions to identify and overcome challenges and obstacles in execution

- Mid-long term targets and plan
- Short-term targets and plans
- Quarterly BOM meeting to review on annual plan’s execution and recap on external environment and internal capabilities to update annual plan
- Partner and SME support to divisions to identify and solve issues in the annual plan execution process

Job requirement

Barchelor degree of Economics, Banking and finance, Accounting, business administration and other related majors;


• Strategy building and management methodology
• Generic strategy models (e.g. SWOT, strategy/enterprise
value map - balanced scorecard, value chain...)
• Function-specific strategy models (e.g. 4P for marketing, CVI
for branding, penetration/skimming for pricing...), operations
(key flows and driver) and maturity/leading practices of such
• Financial aspects (revenues, costs) of functions and cause
effect/interlink modeling of those aspects
• Problem solving models and tools

• Critical thinking, information/data searching, problem solving, communication
• Team work, time management
• English, Ms Office