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Assistant Plant Manager

Mô tả công việc

Strategic operational oversight for all production/operating processes for a plant and/or multiple plants with lower level of complexity. Ensures areas of responsibilities meet BU/Plant standards for safety, quality, operational effectiveness and financial performance rentiators

30% EHS

  • Leads employee and food/feed safety program standards and goals for a plant and/or multiple plants. Accountable for all internal/external operating/regulatory procedures on employee safety and food/feed safety including strategic and tactical execution in alignment with Corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory (FSQR) Functions as well as government regulations
  • Collaborates with EHS/FSQR experts to ensure the most effective risk mitigation plans and regulatory compliance strategies are in place.
  • Health & Safety: champions a culture of zero injury and illness
  • Environmental: Reduces and proactively avoids environmental impact and potential risk to the businesses.
  • Food Safety: Accountable for eliminating risks associated with products. Ensures HACCP/FDA requirements are met in all food and feed processes.
  • Educates/trains workforce in the food safety fundamentals and completes safety inspections and housekeeping audits.
  • Oversees EHS/FSQR incident data to identify risks and to act on risk mitigation strategies (i.e. safety index, RIFR, food safety index, FSQR audits).
  • Leads tactical and strategic initiatives representing the business with external/internal regulatory authorities. Has overall accountability for maintaining good rapport with the local community and regulatory agencies.
  • Builds and maintains community relations that align with Cargill’s corporate and business interests while addressing stakeholders/community needs. Represents Cargill in the local community serving as the primary spokesperson by directly responding to food safety, animal welfare and environmental affairs related topics after receive advices from experts of each functions.


  • Sets and deploys operational priorities for a plant and/or multiple plants. Leads strategic and tactical operations/quality management deliverables to ensure customer and product/quality standards requirements are met within specifications.
  • Collaborates/supports Logistics/Procurement/Sales/Supply Chain professionals to ensure availability of raw materials and ability to meet customer specifications and timelines. Accountable for ensuring that customers are satisfied and that any inquiries, incidents and/or issues are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Develops and oversees implementation of performance metrics for capturing, monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of corporate quality management activities and programs at the plant level.
  • Partners with internal/external stakeholders (i.e. customers, Engineering, FSQR, Sales, Technology) to define, adopt and monitor performance indicators to identify/measure quality performance in areas that impact the customers and recommend areas of improvement and innovation.
  • Champions and leverages technology innovation by developing strategic operational plans and by coordinating execution. Partners with BU leadership and with Technology/Engineering departments to identify emerging trends and translate into long-medium term operational goals. Ensures Cargill Intellectual Property (IP) materials, processes and knowledge are protected and maintained.
  • Develops/supports business customer relationships by meeting businesses objectives and by understanding how operational performance impact internal/external customers.


  • Leads, directs and controls capital and operating budgets for a plant and/or multiple plants to achieve medium-term outlook financial performance objectives set by the business. Ensures and holds direct reports accountable for meeting and controlling operating expenses and established targets.
  • Manages manufacturing P&L budgets/metrics and understands how production expenditure/costs impacts businesses margins and pricing. Forecasts overall volume of orders and inventory turns/costs. Partners with procurement/sales departments to establish best sourcing/pricing practices.
  • Accountable for setting and managing base and non-base capital investments projects for a plant and/or multiple plants. Partners with appropriate COEs (Center of Expertise - i.e. functional operations management, BU
  • commercial/general managers, Engineering PDGs) to align medium/long-term businesses strategic goals in the development of plant capital investment strategies. Ensures capital projects objectives and scope are consistent with business strategy and technology strategy.
  • Builds reliability and process safety into capital projects. May directly implement, execute and deploy all base and non-base capital investments projects in accordance to pre-approved budgets and by using proper project management tools/practices (i.e. Project Delivery Process, Portfolio Project Management, and build template.


  • Accountable for the overall operational management of a plant. Implements operational efficiency improvements which may include, but are not limited to, standardization of plant information manufacturing systems, quality control, safety, production reliability excellence and maintenance, operators best practices, etc.
  • Responsible for aligning overall team resources, with direct coordination/support from Operations Managers, to execute against medium-long term strategies and for meeting medium-term outlook strategic operations goals in accordance with BU/plant objectives.
  • Enforces a culture that builds, operates and maintains plants that are operational sound, safe, and efficient. Leverages/deploys leading operational practices and aggressively raise the performance of poor departments by monitoring key performance indicators (i.e. yield optimization, energy/water usage reductions, operator safety indexes, etc).
  • Leads Reliability Excellence processes across less complex plant and ensures the reliability culture is foundational to operations. Enforces common reliability processes and metrics (focus on eliminating the root-cause of reliability problems) to achieve targeted results from continuous improvement practices, and validates the importance of Reliability Excellence through key successes (scorecard and metrics control, total cost of maintenance, total cost of ownership, monthly review of compliance audits, etc).
  • Collaborates with COEs to identify, deploy and leverage opportunities for continuous improvements applicable to the entire business/platform


  • Develops/supervises and provides coaching including coaching Cargill’s core values and guiding principles for a plant.
  • Oversees general workforce administration policies and programs in the areas of communications, staffing, training, evaluations, disciplinary actions and safety. Develops planning for future production workforce needs and participates in selection of employees.
  • Responsible for developing strong leaders and a less diverse workforce by seeking multiple approaches to source/attract diverse talent. Incorporates diversity in succession planning and job fulfillment.
  • Develops/Implements Plant/BU operational/reliability/safety training programs and monitors employee performance records on a monthly/ quarterly basis.
  • Accountable for medium-term outlook workforce planning and accountable for successful training and on boarding of new/transferred employees as well as workforce engagement, recognition, development and coaching.
  • Leads and implements systems and processes to maintain a highly engaged workforce. Holds direct reports accountable for actively addressing engagement issues and identifies/leverages best practices in engagement

Yêu cầu công việc

Minimum Required Qualifications

  • Understands and uses the Coaching Model to provide feedback, recognition and development goals.
  • Leadership:  Provides leadership to engage employees in accomplishing the daily operational requirements
  • Understands EEO, proper disciplinary techniques, employee benefits  and rights, and company policies.
  • Utilizes World Class Management Model.
  • Performance Management Process: Uses the PMP process to objectively measure employee performance
  • Can prepare accurate Budgets for capital planning- base
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop process improvements.
  • Understands, prioritizes and acts on the basis of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)  or similar systematic analysis
  • Leads teams to examine all elements of manufacturing to reduce waste and costs
  • Is a leader in ensuring compliance to Guiding Principals
  • Management Skills:  Manages things and leads people in a self-assured, confident manner using sound problem solving, risk management and decision making skills
  • Maintains crewing to model.
  • Administration:  Fully understands and handles personnel issues to ensure that wages, benefits and grievances are handled in a timely, fair and candid manner
  • People Skills:  Able to read the social style of their team and adapt their personal approach to enhance communication and resolve conflicts
  • Food Safety: Is able to manage the HACCP Plan and GMP's prerequisites.
  • Is able to ensure SOP's and GMP's are executed within guidelines
  • Safety:  Actively manages a successful safety program that involves and engages all employees.   Is able to teach critical tasks ensuring safe behaviors at all times
  • Model Mill:  Understands, updates, challenges and uses the Model Mill for timely problem solving and decision making.
  • The Model Productivity summary is used effectively on a monthly basis as a management tool and Efficiency and Costs are typically World Class.
  • Scheduling:  Actively tracks and acts on scheduling issues by using up-to-date plans and available tools
  • Is able to utilize the Process Improvement Sheets to review and determine compliance with standards
  • Property Conservation:  Maintains physical conditions and appearance of facilities in keeping with quality and service standards of our business and the character of our people
  • Product Loss Prevention:  Manages inventory, including waste and shrink, to World Class standards
  • P&L 7 report, 5 reports, Model Cost Summary: is able to analyze expense analysis, shrink analysis and reconcile differences within expected time frame and get to the root cause promptly
  • Administration: is able to manage with HR, IT, Formulation, RMS, GA and Finance tools. Knows who to contact when there are issues and develops strong functional relationships
  • Applies Quality Assurance processes in determining that materials and practices meet standards and specs
  • Able to Generate needed requests and supporting data in a timely manner and assures that productivity increases and/or cost reductions are achieved.
  • Program Management:  Is an active participant, manager and/or leader in all pertinent programs and audits
  • Customer Satisfaction:  Commitment to product quality and on time customer service is clearly evident in interactions with employees and customers

Preferred Required Qualifications

  • Mechanical and Electrical engineer
  • English
  • Management skill

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